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What I Got For National Record Store Day

At this time of year there seem to be more celebrations and months of recognition than any other time of year. I don't know (or care) if that's true, but it sure seems that way. Maybe it's that all of the ones I actually like or celebrate are around this time of year: Black History Month, National Poetry Month, etc. Another cool one was yesterday, which was National Record Store Day.*

 So you KNOW where I went...Spoonful Records!

 I got the last cool eco-bag they had in the shop, with the slick 45 adapter** on the front (no pic yet). I stuffed it with the following finds:


1) George Benson - Space

A tight little live offering of Benson when he was still really killing it from 1978.
His band on here was MONSTROUS - Hubert Laws, Steve Gadd, Eric Gale, Randy Brecker...the list goes on.
His version of "Sky Dive" is lip-smacking good.


2) Red Buttons - Love Daddy: Poems for my Daughter
(No picture, and MAN, you don't want to know the shit that came up with a search like "love daddy".)This was mostly a gag buy, and at $1 I didn't feel the pain. It's basically legendary comedian Red buttons performing goofy, weak-ass poems he wrote for his daughter to music consisting mostly of xylophones and the tears of really good musicians with rent to pay. Hey: it was poems. I HAD to buy it. Don't judge me. I'm celebrating my record store, dammit!


3) Jimmie Walker - Dyn-O-Mite

This is JJ from Good Times doing stand-up, which he was pretty good at in 1975.It starts out with an awesome "dyn-o-mite!!!!!" which is begging to be sampled. He's quick and funny, and it's full of that black 70s flavor, baby.


4) Electric Light Orchestra - Face the Music

This should surprise no one. Actually this was a replacement purchase. I still had the original vinyl from when I was a kid, tearing it up on my scratch-o-matic turntable, so the copy I have is pretty much useless save for nostalgia's sake. I got a clean copy for $3.  Three bucks is chump change to re-live bouncing on your bed playing air violin, son.


5) Herbie Hancock - Mwandishi

Now, there isn't ANY Herbie Hancock before 1980 that I don't own in some format or another.
That said, I always wanted to hear this record as it was intended, not sandwiched between other songs on a compilation (albeit an awesome compilation). I wanted to hear two songs clocking in over 10 minutes each and then have to turn over the plate to hear the 21 minute one on the other side.
And the songs! "Ostinato (Suite for Angela)" is my JAM.


All in all a very nostalgic dig yesterday.

What did YOU get?





Notes for my note:

* - http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home

** - What's a 45 adapter?  Jesus, you're young. http://www.ispinlive.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/45-record-adapter.jpg