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RIP Lady T. I was raised on you. It wasn't even a discussion in my world.

1) Portuguese Love

2) Out on a Limb

3) Casanova Brown

4) Fire & Desire (w/ Rick James)

5) Square Biz

6) Behind The Groove

7) Ooh La La La

8) Lovergirl

9) If I Were a Bell

10) Where's California

Honorable Mention: Too Many Colors

New Mix!

Punch Brothers - Me and Us

We go to bed and you fall asleep, fall asleep, not me,
we go to bed and I lie awake, lie awake and
float out the window and down the street, over the bridge and
into the village for a little break from me, meaning us.

I float away and you disappear, disappear,
some pretty young villager takes my hand and leads me to more
pretty young villagers forming a ring, forming a ring around
a bonfire built on a line in the sand between me an us.

Am I lost, have I lost, have they thrown me on the fire,
there to dance in the flames, far enough from you to wonder
if me still means us.

She leads me to the end of the night. A boyfriend of hers is there.
You're on his arm, but our eyes don't meet, our eyes don't meet 'cause
we only have eyes for fueling the fire, being melted down and reformed
in the image of wilder things, wilder things than us.

Are we lost, have we lost, have they thrown us on the fire,
there to dance in the flames, far enough from one another.

We fed them to the flames, but they're just getting colder and colder.
The boy's at least half again as selfish, and the girl's feeling a day
older per hour,
but there's no help for them now,
because together looks good when you're alone looks good
when you're together,
and it takes a village older and less inclined to say which is better to say
which would be better.



Yesterday I traded in some stuff at Spoonful and got, among other things:

Wes Montgomery - A Day in the Life
Wes Montgomery - Down Here on the Ground
Freddie Hubbard - First Light
Herbie Hancock - Jammin with Herbie Hancock
Hubert Laws - In the Beginning

A haul which includes stuff like...


Love - Concha Buika (lyrics)

How many things
Taste like love
And smell like love
But they are not love

Sometimes it looks
So sweet and tender
But its not love
Sometimes it looks
Like its the real one
But its not love

When the night is cold and lonely
I know baby its hard
But in the middle of the darkness
Love will be our guide

Mi cuerpo será tu guía
En medio de la noche
Tu cuerpo sera mi luz
En esta oscuridad tan nuestra

So take my hand
Lets fly away from here
Vámonos volando, volando, volando
You can show me

Vámonos muy lejos pa que
pueda verte bien

Play your name on my skin and
Ill make you feel somehow
Ay amor
That in the middle of the darkness
Love will be our guide
Oh baby its all right

My pecho sera una cuna
Pa que te duermas
Tus besos serán mi aliento
En esta habitación tan muerta

Ay, que yo no quiero despestar, amor
No quiero que amanezca que no
Ay, abrázame fuerte
Háblame de ti
Talk to me

Que el alba está llamando
a la ventana, amor
Y yo no quiero abrir
Dame más
Thats the way I love.


Find a way

Beat used by Tribe by Dilla, then re-envisioned by thsi group classically.
Makes me wistful.