Scott's Groove Locker

If it's on the radio, you probably won't hear it in my set, son.

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Nationally-recognized poet Scott Woods spins music and records under various
pseudonyms for the Black Air Press Music label when he's not touring.

Known for an aggressive, chameleon-like style, Woods has spun in various
places and in a variety of styles. Known equally well for night-long sets of laid-back
electronica, world music, straight jazz, and full-on reggae dub sessions, Woods can
create whole nights of entertainment in almost any style.

When he has his druthers, however, he prefers a grab-bag approach; sets in which
you're just as likely to hear B.B. King as you are Jill Scott; Frank Zappa sliding in the
mix with Kraftwerk. Maybe even a little 70s funk to chase down that Latin you just

Woods is also known for dicing his sets up with humor and the Scott's Groove
Locker experience extends this talent even further: when not spinning a straight
set, Woods will often incorporate live musicians and quirky sounds to enhance
the listening experience, sometimes even creating songs on the spot if he's
got the right cats on hand. This is a set that, while intimate, demands engagement.

If you're looking to hear what's on the radio, this is not your DJ. If, however, you're
looking for a good time, then Scott's Groove Locker's got your hall pass.

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